Effective June 1. 2021 HARVEST will comply with CDC + state guidelines regarding COVID. With that being said we continue to make decisions we think best support the safety of our students. 

Masks will be on the honor system: Students + teachers that have been vaccinated will no longer be required to wear them indoors. We continue to support the choices of our students that help to keep them safe, if you're vaccinated and would still like to wear a mask, please do what is best for you. 

We're asking our non-vaccinated community to continue wearing masks indoors [ except on their mats] to help keep yourself and your fellow community members safe. 

Capacity will increase starting this week from 10 to 13 students in class. Slowly working our way back up to full capacity.  We'll continue the use of floor mat markers for clear spacing. 

Yoga props will be re-introduced into classes also starting this week. The first round of props includes- blocks, straps, weighted blankets and student towels. Later this month, yoga blankets and bolsters will come back.

The yoga room door will be open during class - weather permitting to circulate fresh air along with an air purifier. 

The studio will continue to receive deep regular deep cleanings to keep everything as sanitized as possible. 


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to studio owner Nici. We want to work together to make everyone's experience the best.