TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: We created this Spotlight as a place for you to get to know the beautiful teachers that make up our awesome team! 

Our October teacher is Sophia Stevenson. 

If you haven't had a chance to take a class with this beautiful, gentle soul you're missing out. Learn more about Sophia and her journey with yoga below.
What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I wanted to see a teacher with the same body shape as me at the front of the room leading the class. I noticed that there wasn’t a ton of representation of bigger bodies in the yoga space, so I wanted to become what I was craving. I wanted to be an example that your physical body’s appearance shouldn’t determine your strength or your ability to be a teacher.
How do you practice yoga off the mat? 
I always try to apply one of the yamas and niyamas  in my daily life, the one I am currently working on is Santosha or contentment. I feel like I am always striving to go further or dig deeper, and sometimes I need to remember to be content with where I am now. 
What is one piece of advice you would give to any students?
Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, growth happens when your uncomfortable. 
Share one thing with our community they don’t know about you?
I am currently attending Kent State University pursuing a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Outside of school I work 30 hours a week, so the hustle is real!
Tell us your favorite book or T.V. show (or both) right now?
I don’t have a ton of time for either, but the bachelor/ bachelorette is my guilty pleasure. 
When can our students catch a class with you?
Tuesday + Thursday evenings at 6:30p + Saturday mornings at 9:30a