HARVEST: where community and connection come together. 



  • To ensure a spot, pre registration is required for all students.
  • We're primarily a cashless studio. Please make sure your account is up to date with a current CC attached and how you would like to be notified [email and or text].
  • Arriving early to class is imperative. We are a ONE ROOM yoga studio. For safety and respect for our student community, we lock the front door at the start of class. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Before entering class we ask that you turn your phones off and leave them in the student room. To ensure each yogi receives the ultimate class experience we request total digital disconnect.
  • We have a few complementary mats on hand, however we encourage you to bring your own if you can.




Coming to a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating, especially when visiting a new studio. At HARVEST we want you to know you're not alone, we've all felt that same sense of nervousness. Walking through our doors we want you to feel at home. Here, you will find a community that comes together in the practice of yoga, offering a space free of judgement. Our focus is to offer you a practice that feels approachable and enjoyable at any age and any stage of life.

There is no "right way" to look on your mat. We lead from a mindset YOGA IS FOR EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY. Safety and respect come first in any of our classes. Our teachers serve merely as vessel of guidance for you to find a practice that suits your daily needs. We guide from a place of empowerment and support, so you can make your practice, your own. We believe this leads you to a deeper sense of connection to yourself and your practice.

Next time you join us for class we invite you to tune-in and explore the depths of your mind, body and spirit so you can show up on your mat authentically you. We hope you're able to focus more on how your you feel rather than how you look. 



  • We love getting into self-EXPLORATION.  Creating vulnerable experiences allows us to cultivate a deeper CONNECTION to ourselves and others.
  • We work to create a COMMUNITY of diverse like-hearted humans. We are passionate about coming together as a community and not in judgment or competition. 
  • We believe living our most authentic lives starts with being in Curiosity. Being in relationship with our intuition so we can live values an goals. 
  • We seek to create experiences outside our comfort zone in an effort to learn and create GROWTH. Growth can only happen when we are showing up authentically ourselves daily. 


HARVEST MISSION:  Is to serve as a space for cultivating a deeper connection to yourself and others through daily yoga classes in a variety of styles, along with monthly workshops and social gatherings.


HARVEST WHY:  At HARVEST we're committed to serving as a catalyst for growth; offering a supportive, welcoming environment where vulnerable, authentic conversation and connection can happen. We believe focusing on an intentionally awakened practice both on and off the mat is essential to living a yoga life | an aligned life.

As a female owned business, supporting female identifying women is at the forefront of what we do. Providing educational resources and practical tools for ALL women to get curious and explore their personal growth journey, through workshops and gatherings is essential to our vision at HARVEST. We want all to step fully into who they are meant to be and we hope to be part of that journey.

We also love supporting other small business owners. Our retail store features small business artisans and makers- locally sourced as often as possible.