I have found that yoga is the single most useful tool to stay connected to yourself and the flow of your life. Throughout different seasons in my own life, I have thought that I should feel ‘satisfied’ with my circumstances and not ask questions. Yet I found myself always wondering and seeking and being curious about other possibilities and ways to explore my potential. I believe it is this curiosity that has led me on this journey of practicing and teaching yoga. It allows me to feel for myself what’s happening in the present moment, to be an active participant in my life. I love to create experiences for others in my classes to feel this same way - to stay in that relationship with themselves and how they choose to show up on their mats and in their lives.

My goal is to cultivate a sense of commitment and wonder, whether it’s the strength in your muscles and bones in a pose or the openness and vulnerability of your heart. My teaching style is creative, and I encourage students to challenge themselves because it allows them to learn and grow. Students can expect to experience elements of meditation in all of my classes, and to feel guided and supported throughout their practice.



When I first began my yoga journey, I was seeking much more than just stretching. I yearned for something where I could fall in love myself as it was something that I lacked. The moment I stepped onto my mat, I found that it was a place where I could be authentically myself. No judgement, no pressure to be something that I’m not and overall just beaming with self love. As a teacher it is my goal to give that feeling back to others. I feel as though self love and self care are the most important practices we can do in our day to day lives. Whether it’s on or off the mat, we can take yoga everywhere we go. If you allow yourself to go deep enough into the body and listen to what it needs in that moment, you’re already participating in that beautiful practice. As a teacher I welcome all of my students to do what feels good for them. My overall goal is for everyone to walk out of class with contentment and a sense of ease. To bring gratitude towards yourself for where the practice took you while finding your own personal flow. Namaste.



“I am courageously and gratuitously cultivating an abundant life of curiosity, creativity and community.” –My life vision
Creating a safe space to allow for growth and healing, my passion for mental health, the LGBTQ+ community and wellness comes full circle through enriching the body with the practice of yoga. I like to experiment with my body and my practice, continuously exploring what it can (and cannot) do. Specializing in mind and body connections, my classes focus on presence, self-empowerment and balancing the modern world with the human spirit. Yoga, journaling and meditation have played a critical role in my journey to wellness, and I firmly believe these can be practiced regardless of body type or circumstance. I look forward to sharing these practices with our community through classes, workshops and gatherings.

What to expect in my class: An opportunity to challenge yourself, a safe space to explore yourself, and the guidance to balance your mind, body and breath... and maybe some dad jokes.

When I'm not in Down Dog, I'm: leash training my cat, playing around with cameras and lamps or looking for my keys.




I love to teach! I love to hold space, especially for women, teens and children. A clinical social worker turned yogi, my mission is to share yoga and mindfulness as resources toward healing from anxiety, grief and trauma (self included!). I have extensive training around trauma-informed yoga and facilitate trainings for yoga instructors, counselors and educators on teaching yoga and mindfulness practices through this lens.

My teaching style is rooted in the elements, moving between earth, water and fire as we flow, breathe, release and connect. Music fuels my classes; don't be surprised if we end up singing, laughing or crying together...those are the cornerstones of true connection anyway, right. In every class, with any age yogi, my goal is always to create space for students to take ownership over their own experience and find moments to just BE.

My intention in this crazy beautiful life is to be a conduit of change; I truly believe that each of us has the capacity for resilience and grace, if given the opportunity to uncover it. When I am not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find me with my kiddos, obsessing over the perfect yoga playlist, warming up my coffee for the 20th time or chasing the sunshine.




I am passionate about intentional rest and relaxation as a means of deep healing and connection to self. After struggling for many years with trauma, I have found profound relief and real healing through my yoga practice, especially restorative yoga. Now (thankfully) a changed person, my priority is to provide a safe space for others to cultivate their own self-love and healing. My classes often include an abundance of blankets and props, Reiki, grounding body scans, guided breathing, and extreme comfiness! I love encouraging everyone to listen to their bodies and do whatever feels right. I’m merely a guide and if you don’t want to do what I suggest, by all means, do you! Body awareness and relaxing into pain or discomfort are helpful tools that I've gathered throughout my own journey and I love sharing these gifts with my students. I believe the more we can tune into what our bodies are trying to share with us, and the better we get at interpreting these signals, the more enjoyable and easy life becomes. I also relish in the sacred silence that comes from letting the body and the mind slip away during practice, getting into the deep meditative state of Ashunya - that state of being in between consciousness and sleep. Everything is still, calm and quiet, and it is pure magic!

When I'm is not on my mat, I'm probably outside soaking up the sun and all the Earth has to offer. The Metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park are my favorite places to get grounded and connect with nature, which has been another key aspect in my healing process! I enjoy traveling the country in my Chevy Express camper van and my favorite places to hike are Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Alberta, Canada. I run a jewelry and decor business centered around crystals, stones and nature called Saguara and I often vend at various markets on the weekends. I also enjoy sharing Reiki with clients and one-on-one restorative yoga classes. In addition, I am a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and I offer yoga, Reiki, and herbs to my clients to assist in healing and rebuilding their lives after serious illness or trauma. Helping others realize their potential for healing and growth is what makes me excited to wake up each day.



I found yoga back in 2011 when my ongoing anxiety issues turned into weekly panic attacks. I struggled daily with anxious feelings and when I finally confided in a friend about how I was feeling, she suggested I try a yoga class because it was supposed to be great for people with anxiety. I was skeptical (like most people are before they actually try yoga) but I decided that it was worth a shot and I had nothing to lose. After the first class, I felt a sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I decided to sign up for another class, and then another and the rest you could say is history. After several years of practicing yoga regularly, I made the decision to become a teacher knowing that if I could help just one person find relief from their anxiety through yoga, that it would be worth it. I signed up for my teacher training not knowing what the experience was going to be like. It’s hard to put into words the transformation I went through during that time, but I can say that it forever changed my life. I now have three yoga certifications: my 200-hour certification in Power Yoga, Certified Strala Yoga Guide and Silver Sneakers Yoga. My classes are a mix of power and ease, allowing students to truly connect to themselves and find the movements that they need on that particular day. I believe that everybody and every body is different and that if you have the ability to recognize that, then you truly know the beauty of yoga! I only have two requirements for my classes: 1. that you never put yourself in a pose that doesn't feel good and 2. that you smile and have fun! 

When I'm not teaching yoga, you can find me running my wedding & lifestyle photography business, spending time with my husband, buying more plants for my home office and searching for the best sprinkle donut in Northeast Ohio! Right now for my future goals is to be putting down some roots finally after nonstop moving around for almost 5 years now. It’s time to grow and maybe even own some furniture. My teaching styles are a bit of a Vin+Yin combo but I love to kick your butts in a power class (:




My name is Maddy Ritenour. I live and grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, and I love being a part of this community. I am extremely passionate about anything involving physical and mental health and wellness. I recently graduated from Kent State University with a BS in Community Health Education, and I am health coach and a CHES. I fell in love with yoga because it allowed me to appreciate my body in a way I never had before by safely exploring what my body was capable of.

My hope is that every student in my classes feels safe, comfortable and eager to explore their practice however serves them. Yoga has been a tool for me personally to overcome struggles with anxiety, and has allowed me to grow as an individual both mentally and physically. When I’m not on my mat, you can find me at the gym, cuddling with my cats Ham and Milo, or trying out the newest restaurant in town! I am honored to have the privilege to be a part of my students’ practices, and I hope to see you in class very soon! (:





I started my yoga journey years ago and had no idea where it would lead me. Throughout this adventure I realized that I just love to learn everything I can about yoga. A question pops into my head, leads to another, I break out my books, the Google search begins and before I know it its way past my
bedtime and I’ve learned that… I will always be learning! We never stop growing our knowledge, understanding more about yoga and how it can help us in our daily lives. Yoga is a continuous project, working on one’s self, trying, failing and succeeding. Yoga truly meets you where you are right now. If
you think “I am to __________ for yoga”, I encourage you to try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it can help improve every aspect of your life.

My background definitely reflects on how I teach. I danced for 18 years, played a few instruments, joined Crossfit for a few years, and ride my bike any time the weather allows. I like to create classes that will provide the student with an experience, or something they can take away that helps in another
aspect of their daily routine. Maybe it’s a class where you can get lost in the music and the flow or, a class focused around a specific pose, that helps stretch or strengthen a specific muscle group. Making sure students are comfortable in my classes is a must; comfortable to ask questions, comfortable to
know that everyone’s pose may look different, and most importantly, to be comfortable in their own skin. Yoga has become something that will always be a part of my life, has helped me learn balance, and given me the tools to get through hard times. I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your
yoga journey.  



I started practicing yoga my sophomore year of high school, as a way to get back into activity after having a history of serious injuries sustained from cheerleading & gymnastics. Yoga gave me a more gentle outlet for recovery while also challenging my body & my mind. After my first class I was hooked, and started practicing daily. I took my 200 Hr Teacher Training in the Summer of 2017, graduating just days before moving into college. I am currently a Junior at Kent State University where I am studying Marketing & Entrepreneurship. I have a passion for teaching yoga & for encouraging body positivity. My goal is to make everyone feel welcome and open to explore their practice regardless of body shape, beliefs, or predispositions. My teaching style is fiery and fun. Outside of teaching yoga you’ll find me working retail, singing, modeling, hiking, or hanging with some friends. Love & Light.



Yoga has the power to transform you from who you are trying to be to who you truly are! Yoga is magic!! This has become my personal mantra. Before yoga I lived my life from the outside in, deriving my value from my perception of how I believed others saw me. I spent years trying to find that, “ahhh, this is where I belong” feeling, searching for authenticity. When I began my yoga practice I was looking for the physical benefits....little did I know I would get that and so much more! I once had a teacher say, “yoga is incremental” that the changes we
experience happen slowly and are sometimes barely perceptible while they are taking place. Those increments lead to big change. THAT is the MAGIC of yoga!

Yoga has become a way of life for me. It’s taught me how to live from the inside out, realizing I can only show up for others if I show up for myself. Understanding that in order to love and serve others we must accept and value ourselves. THAT is the MAGIC of yoga. I have watched beautiful transformation in so many of my fellow yogis. I have seen yoga bring comfort and healing to those in all forms of pain-be it physical or emotional. THAT is the MAGIC of yoga! My desire as a teacher is to provide students with the tools to help you both on and off your mat-to help you discover YOUR personal strength and authenticity, your MAGIC!

When you come to class I ask that you be willing to step slightly out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, doing so with honor, self acceptance and love. Come to class with an open heart and
mind, ready to discover something new....and most important be ready and willing to laugh! We are in this together, learning and evolving. Let’s discover the MAGIC of yoga together!!



Hello all, Robyn here! I found yoga at a time in my life where I was facing a monumental decision. I could continue to exist as I had been, full of fear and lacking confidence, or I could become a new and brighter version of myself. My first few times on the mat I realized I was not flexible, not particularly strong, and I was painfully aware that I did not have a “typical yogi body”. Despite my fear, I continued to attend sporadically. Eventually, I fully committed to this practice as a regular part of my week; when I allowed breath rather than my perceptions to guide me, I was taken to transcendent places. It became not only a physical journey, but a spiritual journey as well. I began to see myself in a different light. I have begun to trust my body to do what I ask, to accept when an asana is out of reach at this moment, or even just for the day. This trust in myself has also helped me handle difficult situations off the mat, realizing that the earth, my community and my own self have carried me this far and will continue to do so. The incredible transformation that I saw in myself led me to my completion of teacher training in April 2019 and from there I continued to grow. One of the many things that I am in awe of about this practice is realizing that there were many, many things I swore I could never do. I have come to realize it is about 80% a mental battle and only 20% physical ability, once I learned to put aside the mental chatter, my asana practice continued to change and surpass my wildest expectations.  

I am passionate about bringing a deeper element to classes, to help my students develop the connection between the physical body and the spiritual. I love to talk about all 8 limbs of yoga and I believe these ancient teachings can help us all to be more mindful and kind to ourselves and others. I love to watch my students discover the difference between what they “think” they are capable of and what they are truly capable of. Although I love to watch my students find new depths in their physical practice, I am very passionate about safety, about having integrity in a posture rather than getting there by any means necessary. For me, this practice is about being safe, kind and gentle with our bodies and allowing gravity and breath to take us where we need to go. In my classes, I like to offer verbal cues, hands on assists (when welcomed by students) and modifications for newer yogis. When I am not on my mat, I am usually walking my dogs on the riverfront or eating tacos at Crave Cantina. 




I’m a self-proclaimed vision and goals junkie. Self-development workshops, books and podcasts are my jam.  I feel most alive when I’m living in alignment with my goals and core values, but watching others do it is what really lights me up. The idea for HARVEST was born from a passion and desire to help others create the life they want. My dream for HARVEST is for us to serve as a catalyst for women: To be a space where opportunities, resources and tools can be gained.  For us to hold space for women to unapologetically be themselves and most importantly, to empower women to fully step into who they are meant to be. Most days you will find me at the studio working the front desk or behind the scenes. But in my off time I enjoy walking in nature, spending time with friends and family or my favorite way- at home with my husband and our two dogs.