CSS is an opportunity for us to celebrate the amazing humans in our beautiful community and their journey with yoga.


We are very excited to share with you our newest Spotlight feature; Michael Nied.

Join us in celebrating Mike! From the beginning of his yoga journey, he's been dedicated to his practice. Always staying curious and open to exploring new depths of his abilities.

Mike's been attending multiple classes weekly, since he joined our community in April 2021. Next week he celebrates 2 years with us, taking a total of 211 classes, how amazing is that!

It's pretty much guaranteed you'll see his friendly face every Sunday and Wednesday morning with a few Monday and Tuesday evenings thrown into the mix. 

Mike has become a friend to many at the studio, always offering a warm hello and a kind smile. It is pure joy to have him in our community and to watch him grow in his journey of self-care.


What does HARVEST mean to you?   
HARVEST really is synonymous with community to me. I have made and nurtured so many relationships within the walls of the studio, and I do not think I'm alone in that. Whenever I walk in, I'm greeted with friendship and genuine compassion. It makes coming to class one of the brightest spots in my day, and I am always so grateful for it. I hope that I am able to help provide a similar sense of welcome to everyone else who I see in the studio."

How did you start your yoga journey?
" I took my first yoga class at a local gym the year after I graduated from college. I took dance classes in high school and college, and I was disappointed that there weren't similar classes for adults around where I live. Yoga seemed like a logical sort of activity to try, and the teacher was so great about introducing me to the practice. After that, I took hot classes for a year in Chagrin Falls up to the start of the pandemic before finding HARVEST in the midst of it."

What does yoga mean to you?

"When I first started practicing, yoga was honestly a way to mix up my workout so that I wasn't just using an elliptical and lifting weights. I like variety, and I was also excited to do something that would make me stretch more regularly. I'm naturally bendy, but I never take the opportunity on my own. Over time it's become more than just a workout, though.

Yoga, especially at HARVEST, is about taking a break and finding peace for me now. I break a sweat, sure (especially in Robyn's Sunday Sufferings). But I also take time to unplug from the world for a while. As someone who works online, I all but live on the internet. Sometimes the hour that I dedicate to class and the time I spend driving back and forth is the only time that whole day that I'm not checking my phone or thinking what I have to do next. It's such a welcome break and a chance to take time for myself."

How do you fit yoga into your everyday life?
"Most anyone who knows me is aware that I'm an anxious person. Actual practice is my break from the nonstop pace of the world, but I also try to bring elements of my practice into my daily life. I don't always succeed, but even just reminding myself to breathe can be seriously helpful on some of my wildest days. It's also the benefit of the community that I found at HARVEST. It's a support system and family that I am eternally grateful for!"

What advice would you share with yogis just starting out?
"I would tell a newer student to dive into classes with the confidence that they are in a warm, welcoming and supportive environment, especially at HARVEST. I have found nothing but love and encouragement in every single class I’ve taken here, even the hard ones where I’m doing whatever I can to power through. Maybe especially in those classes, actually! Give yourself time, and you’ll be amazed by how much you grow."

If you were a yoga pose, which one would you be?
"I think I want to be a balancing half moon. It’s a pose that I very much enjoy getting into and falling out of and getting back in again. When you find your balance in the pose, it can feel so amazing."
What is something interesting about yourself you would like to share with everyone?
"You wouldn’t know because I’m a sweaty mess every time you see me in class, but I’ve been teaching myself makeup since around the start of the pandemic. I studied interior design in my undergrad, and I don’t work in the field anymore because I’m a journalist now. This is my creative outlet that lets me play in color and glitter!"