CSS is an opportunity for us to celebrate the amazing humans in our beautiful community and their journey with yoga.


We are very excited to share with you our October Community Student Spotlight. Join us in celebrating Megan Petruzzi! 

Megan has been a student with us since August of 2021, taking just over 220 classes- that's amazing! From the beginning of her journey Megan has been extremely dedicated to the time she spends on her mat.

She brings her beautiful smile and kind heart with her every time she comes to the studio, making her a friend to everyone she meets in class. It's a joy to have her in our community and to watch her blossom both on and off her mat.


What does HARVEST mean to you?

Harvest is a really a special place; the vibe radiates kindness and connection. It is very welcoming and a definite place of community. It is a rare thing to find a place where you feel like you truly belong from the beginning and Harvest has been that for me


How did you start your yoga journey?

I had taken a few yoga classes here and there over the years but nothing consistently. Then last August I knew I needed something to add to my workout routine and compliment some of the changes I was making in my life towards wellness. For about a month, I kept checking out Harvest’s class descriptions and finally got the courage to sign up for a class.  I started trying all the different types of classes and discovered something that had been missing and that I needed in my life.  


What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga means grounding, it is a place of stillness and quiet when I need it and a place of strength and energy when I need that. It is a place where I can hear my own thoughts and I make every effort for the time on the mat to be a time of compassion towards myself. I like how I talk to myself when I am in yoga. The atmosphere of acceptance during class is contagious and I try to carry that feeling out the door with me into my life. Oh, and I should also mention breathing. I don’t even know how I got through life breathing as shallow as I did before yoga. Yoga has greatly improved my awareness of my own breath and my ability to create a sense of calm for myself with my breathing.


How do you fit yoga into your everyday life?

Well, Harvest is conveniently located near where I live and work and has a variety of class times so that is the logistical part of things, but I fit it into my life because I need it and sometimes even crave it. I have been known to frequently say “I would rather be at yoga.” For me, I just know when I need to be doing yoga and I prioritize it in my life.


What advice would you share with yogis just starting out?

Try it, there really is something for everyone at Harvest. You will be amazed at what your body can do and the sense of calm you can create within yourself.


If you were a yoga pose, which one would you be?

I would pick upward facing dog (updog) it is a deceiving challenging pose because you start on your belly and then it requires a lot of upper body strength. I feel like I am learning that I am stronger than I realize and that pose definitely is one of strength for me. I always have a feeling of lightness after, and it is a good reminder that doing something hard can bring relief.


What is something interesting about yourself you would like to share with everyone?

Well, I have a love of all things Peanuts Gang, you know Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy… for some people they love those characters around the holidays because of the TV specials, but for me it is every day. You will know it’s me at the studio because I usually have on a Peanuts gang t-shirt.