OUR MISSION is to elevate your teaching skills and deepen your yoga knowledge. Our 300HR training will broaden your depth of education and expand relationship with the spiritual + philosophy. 


WHO WE ARE: Just like our 200HR training, BAVI 300HR is an inclusive - trauma informed, transformational and advanced learning experience, created to be bold, rooted in authenticity, vulnerability and intelligent content, led by 500hr yoga teachers Megan Davis + Tracey Duncko with supporting teachers. 


BAVI CORE VALUES: The culture of our program and your experience. 
  • BOLD: This is a courageous outside the box program. We elevate individuality and respect the uniqueness of each other. 
  • AUTHENTIC: We encourage students to find their authentic voices as humans and teachers by honoring our stories and showing up unapologetically ourselves. Authenticity in the BAVI program shows up by honoring the voices, lineage and philosophies of yoga. 
  • VULNERABLE: This is a soulful program designed to embrace our feelings and offers the space to feel them deeply. We embrace the importance of transparency for ourselves and hold space for our fellow humans to do the same. 
  • INTELLIGENT: This is an honest, resourceful, knowledge dense training. As teachers we lead, empower, and teach with integrity. Showing you how to do the same. 



  • Advanced Asana
  • Pranayama + Energetics 
  • Meditation, Mantra + Chanting
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • Deities + Mythology in Yoga
  • Anatomy, Physiology + Biomechanics  
  • Adaptive Yoga 
  • Trauma Informed Yoga + Somatics 
  • Philosophy + Ethics 
  • Rieki 
  • Holistic Health Modalities 
  • Equity + Community Care in Wellness 
  • The Business of Modern Yoga 


DATES: We will meet one Wednesday a month 5:30-9pm and one weekend a month, Fridays 5:30-9pm, Saturdays + Sundays 9am-6pm.

  • Jan 17 Orientation | Jan 26- 28
  • Feb 9-11 | Feb 21 
  • March 8-10 | March 20
  • April 12- 14 | April 24
  • May 17-19 | May 29
  • June 7-9 | June 12
  • August 9-11 | August 21 
  • September 13-15 | September 25
  • October 11-13 | October 23
  • November 1-3 | November 6 Graduation 


  • Each student will receive a 300HR educational binder full of tools and materials put together by Megan + Tracey for you to use as a reference throughout training and can serve as a reference post-graduation.
  • Each student will be responsible for purchasing required reading materials. List of required books will be sent to you a few weeks before training starts. 
  • Homework will be required between training weekends.
  • A final project along with training homework will be due before graduation. Final requirements will be given at orientation.
  • Students will receive an unlimited yoga pass for studio classes during training. [If you have a monthly package I class passes] we will pause your membership during training. 
  • This is an in-person experience, unfortunately we are unable to offer virtual at this time. 100% attendance is encouraged; students will only be allowed two missed training days. Sessions missed beyond this COULD result in a forfeiture of your ability to graduate. 


* BAVI 300HR IS NOT a Yoga Alliance Registered program. *

We are very upfront and honest about this choice.

The global yoga landscape is changing, and our bold belief is while YA may have started out as a well-intentioned "non-profit", they are outdated. YA does not represent the ethics and inclusivity we work to embody. They do not provide adequate introspection, regulations and supervision to meet our standards in support and trainings. 

YA is not a governing body. They are not a certification body. They are simply a "criteria-based model" which BAVI meets and exceeds their education standards.

BAVI has been carefully curated, offering a unique extensive program, rich with knowledge, exploring the depths of yoga roots, culture, principles, asana, various styles of practices + teachings, so you leave with a wealth of information and a network of resources to rely on. BAVI meets and goes above the YA standards for 300HR training program.

Upon completion graduates will receive a certification of completion for BAVI 300HR Yoga Teacher Immersion program from HARVEST yoga + wellness studio, and lead teachers Megan Davis + Tracey Duncko.

We would love to talk this through with you if you have any additional questions. Feel Free to reach out to Nici with any questions.


INVESTMENT: Total $4,300

  • Pay in full and save $300 by signing up today. Early bird sign ups have until OCT 1, 2023 to take advantage of this special. Use CODE: EARLYBIRD300 at checkout.
  • For those taking advantage of our payment plan a $500 deposit is required to secure a spot.
  •  [5] monthly payments of $760 will be automatically withdrawn throughout the duration of your training. A schedule of payments will be emailed after your deposit is made. Frist payment will be taken in Jan. Please have an up-to-date CC on file to use for payments. Contact Nici at harvestyogaandwellness@gmail.com to setup your payment plan.
  • * If you are a 200HR BAVI YTI Graduate a $100 credit will be offered to you.*



A minimum of 4 students is required for this training. A refund will be issued if we do not meet the minimum requirement.